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Nembutal Pills

Some people find Nembutal  pills more convenient to take than Nembutal oral solution and Nembutal inject-able solution. Nembutal  pills are very efficient for Voluntary Euthanasia. The right lethal dose will lead to a peaceful and painless death within a few minutes.

How to buy The Peaceful Pill

If you want to Buy Nembutal pills online but don’t know how, then you have certainly come to the right place. We treat every order unique and care much more about the customer satisfaction.

The entire order and delivery process are fast and secure, less costly compared to most of our competitors. When you Buy Nembutal pills online from us, we keep a close eye on details. We want to be sure of the dosage that will be effective.

You can Buy The Peaceful  Pill  Online without any prescription and collect the shipped package without having to sign any papers. Shipping and delivery usually take a maximum of 3 – 6 days.

We obtain our Nembutal Pills from Lundbeck (Norway). Right from its source, then we further test it to make sure that it meets up with our customer’s demands and also to ensure absolute purity of the product.

We ship Nembutal pills worldwide and have most of our clients coming from the USA, Canada, Australia, SOUTH AFRICA, EASTERN EUROPE, Thailand, SOUTH KOREA.

If you have any concerns or questions you need answers to, either before or after ordering Nembutal, we are here to answer them to your satisfaction. Simply contact us and get a full personalised response within 4 hrs.

How many Nembutal pills are lethal to me?
The number of Nembutal pills that are lethal to a patient depends on the patient’s weight and age to some little extent.

The table below helps you to determine the number of Nembutal Pills that are lethal to any patient given his weight.


5 Reasons why you should Buy Nembutal pills online from us


When you order Butalbital or Nembutal pills from us we give you the very best. So be rest assured that you will be getting premium products with astonishing purity levels.

At Greenland Solutions, we value our clients and your satisfaction is our pride. That is why we do all we can to make sure that we are better than the rest in provision of quality Nembutal related products


Delivery of products in time is not only professional but courteous. We use reliable couriers that offer online tracking such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS etc …to ship all our products.

We realise the importance of the Nembutal products requested from us by you and hence we always make sure that they reach you exactly at the time that you need them.


It is for your best interest that we are here, our main interest being to help you. Nembutal solutions are required by people often to execute various tasks. As they endeavour to get these tasks accomplished, they get in touch with various Nembutal online organisations but they end up disappointed due to the low quality products that they get.

We are currently the best selling company in provision of Nembutal Pills Online. When you buy Nembutal products from us, you are assured of quality.



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    Posted by Tim on Feb 26th 2019

    Got my product today,
    Thank You.

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    Posted by Carole on Feb 8th 2019

    This one of the most effective products from GS, They're quite reliable. just got ma package, kudos!!!!